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When you LOOK good, you FEEL good – this is a statement that I feel very strongly about. 

I personally believe that your appearance has a direct correlation with your esteem and your feeling of self-worth…



When you are happy with the person staring back at you in the mirror, it can vastly improve your everyday life. 

Although physical appearance is only one piece of the very complex puzzle of oneself, it can certainly be a positive factor and help to open you up to other areas of happiness in your life.

First, it is important to recognize who you are; as a person and as a whole, then to make sure you are portraying yourself in that same way, to those who surround you in your personal and professional life.



Liking the way you look builds confidence –>Confidence gives you strength and credibility –> A strong, identifiable personality and credibility will carry you through your relationships and your work.


Using myself as an example, until I could identify my own strengths, I lacked outward confidence.  In my heart and in my head, I knew I could somehow achieve what I wanted to, but I wasn’t quite sure how, with my introverted personality.

I found that wearing makeup everyday not only made myself feel great; but it also attracted people to me, and opened up opportunity for conversation.

People would come up to me and comment on my skin, or my eyebrows, or my makeup; and then, with them breaking the ice, it gave me an opportunity to inform them of what I do for a living. 

Because of this- automatically, I have gained credibility in my profession, because of my appearance.


This same principle is true in any profession…

If you did not know them, would you trust:

A hairdresser with 5 inches of roots?

A dentist with missing teeth?

An overweight personal trainer?

Or, if you were in the market for a tattoo, and had the option of a technician with some intricate ink, or an operator in a suit and tie…who would you choose?

Would you have someone tattooed head to toe do your taxes…or would you opt for the suit?

You’d expect all of them to personify what they are representing…


You can be the best-of-the-best in your career, but to those who do not yet know the real you, it is important that you portray yourself in the best of your ability.

You are your own walking advertisement – so make sure you are at your best!


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