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A “Sweet” Story…


Face to fase for the entire family!


At face to fase, we cater to Weddings – but, this does not just include the Bride and Bridal party…

A number of our clients are Wedding attendees who want not only to relax, but to look and feel refreshed before the long day that awaits them…

Men and women included!


Susan and Stan Hordych; owners and operators of Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe in Middletown, along with their daughter Cassie, recently attended a family Wedding; but did not arrive at their destination before they came to our Spa – where the girls got their makeup done, and Stan chose an hour-long facial treatment to de-stress.


Those who attended the “Grand Opening” of face to fase in August of last year are very familiar with Susan and Stan’s creations. 

Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe’s makeup-shaped chocolates were a huge (and delicious) hit! 

And- we are happy to announce that we will be carrying those same mouth-watering, makeup-y treats for sale this Summer in our Studio.


Susan and Stan are very involved in the community and were voted “Best of Monmouth 2010.” 

On June 7th, they attended the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s “Visions of Hope” Gala, where actor and comedian Joe Piscopo was honored as Humanitarian of the Year.

Immensely deserving of the award, Joe has devoted much of his time to non-profit organizations, and took it upon himself to find the “Positive Impact Foundation” which creates positive media for at-risk youth.


Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe was a generous donor to the award show gift bags of the NJ Hall of Fame this May, and after offering her chocolates to its celebrity recipients , Susan had the pleasure of presenting Mr. Piscopo with her confections for a SECOND time at the MDA ball…this time, in person!

Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe is located at 1100 Highway 35, Village Mall Plaza, Middletown.



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