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“Flaming Honesty”


Meet James Christopher Darling — who I lovingly refer to as “James My Protege.”


For the last 4 years annually, the first Sunday in June, is usually MY big event, the New Jersey Hall of Fame Red Carpet Induction Ceremony.

…And this one right here is always by my side, through all the months of planning, assisting me throughout with no question.


This June, I turned the tables for a day that means a lot to my assistant.

I wanted to take the time to assist James at HIS big event, the NJ Pride parade where he would be selling his new self-published book “Flaming Honesty.”


James writes:

“If you’re stranded in a wasteland of unattractive men and rarely sober women (like New Jersey), where do you go to seek advice? Sure, there’s always therapy and the occasional Oprah rerun, but do they ever really get to the core of the problem? Well, yes, pretty often—but James Christopher Darling offers you something slightly more entertaining, not to mention far more attractive. (I mean, have you seen him yet? He’s on the cover; they don’t just hand that spot out to anyone!) Whether you’re having trouble in your love life, with your wardrobe, or even making a final decision on that nose job, James is here with the answer in this collection of painfully funny realities that, by the grace of God, somehow turned into a book. Where others might sugarcoat advice, James Christopher Darling will offer you the flaming truth!”


I was lucky enough to have the first signed copy of “Flaming Honesty,” as well as to apply the makeup for the book’s cover shoot; and as usual, am THOROUGHLY happy, amused, and in hysterics with the talents of ‘My Protege.’


Click on the link below to view additional information (including his AMAZING reviews, and 5-star rating) on Amazon

Or, to purchase “Flaming Honesty”



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