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Summer Sun. Bake In It? Or Fake It?


Jacqui Kapinowski; our cover-featured model contracted Bacterial Meningitis at age 23 and then again at age 28.  Then at age 35, she started experiencing seizures, numbness and severe spasms in her legs, stomach, head and neck.  Her spine started to deteriorate to a swayback position, which is an acute inward curvature of a section of the spine.   This new mysterious illness with its spasms, progressive stiffness, rigidity and dystonia began to take over from her chest down to the lower extremities of her body.


It was four years before she learned her diagnosis was “Stiff- Person’s Syndrome” (SPS).  The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke defines Stiff Person’s Syndrome as ‘a rare neurological disorder with features of an autoimmune disease’.  There is no cure.   HOWEVER, she has adapted, and far-exceeded to incredible expectations in her current daily life.


Adaptation is imperative in life — especially when you are handed less-than-ideal circumstances.


As opposed to the typical  ”SPF suggestions”  that most Summer-skin articles consist of;  I decided to share a personal story of my own, including the adaptations that I, myself, had to make as a former “Tanorexic.”


At the age of 17, as soon as I could start driving, I rode myself every day to the local tanning salon.  I began tanning at 5 days a week, then progressed to 6; and finally 7 days a week; at the maximum number of minutes, for a period of years.

(Years I pray now, that I could only take back…)

However, that all came to a screeching hault at 24 when I had a pre-cancerous mole surgically removed from my leg, due to excessive UV exposure.


A true wake up call for anyone comes when you are forced to wait agonizing hours in anticipation of your own biopsy results.  Especially with the realization that you did the damage to yourself.  No young person should EVER have to go through that, and my only hope is that my young readers take my story as a warning that no matter how invincible we think we are, “it CAN happen to you.”


In my opinion, “tanning” for our current generation, is equivalent to “smoking” in our last generations…

When it began, everyone was doing it, and no one knew of the impending consequences.

Now that we DO KNOW, IN FACT that over exposure to the sun will lead to cancer; just as in the ill-paved road smoking will take you down — it’s time to make an adjustment.

In our article, I’d like to share some shocking statistics  that I found when doing my research, direct from the Melanoma Research Foundation, and alternate ways to achieve the beautifully-bronzed look you desire — the Healthy way.


Everyone loves a tan – and you have many options to achieve it!

Click on our link to read some tips on a Healthier alternative to Tanning or Sunbathing in our current edition of “Vanity 101″ , complete with a printable $10 OFF coupon for our Spray Tanning service at face to fase – Facial Spa & Cosmetic Studio, to help avoid those Self-Tanning “faux”-pa’s that our New Jersey Tanning Mom has made infamous…

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