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Beauty & Style at 104!


So-called entrepreneurial professionals claim that the only way to be successful in business is to clearly identify your target audience.  Often times I have been thoroughly criticized by such ’experts’ for my exacting response of not having such criteria. 

I’d like to introduce those individuals to one of our favorite clients at Face to Fase — Emily.


As one of our very first patrons after our Grand Opening; I first met Emily (who we lovingly refer to as “Aunt Emmy”) two years ago.

Then, at 102 years of age; upon her full recovery of cataract surgery, she was able to see her facial wrinkles for the first time, and insisted upon doing something about it…so, her niece brought her right to us for some anti-aging skin care :)


She instantly fell in love with the jewelry in our boutique-style Studio and has continually been a great representation of our pieces.  In fact, she recently wore them on a very important day… 

With friends and family by her side, I was honored by an invite to help celebrate Aunt Emmy’s 104th Birthday (God Bless her!) and our Studio was the first stop on her celebratory afternoon!

Aunt Emmy is a true testament to having beauty and style at ANY age.


Next…Check back later this month when we’ll be hosting a Spa Party for a pack of four year old princesses!

4-104 … How is THAT for a demographic?!  ;)


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