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It is said that ‘those are helped – who help themselves’

But, in theory, what seems to be a simple principle can actually be quite hard for many.  That’s why there are few special individuals like Susan Korwin, who make it her business to help YOU help YOURSELF.


Susan is a Certified Life Coach / Style Consultant and HER success relies upon the successes of her clients whose lives she has radically transformed for the better with her positive and inspirational influences. 

In her own words…

“Many times we have more than enough drive, talent, skill and ability within us, but those qualities can be held back by our lack of direction, lack of focus, lack of confidence, lack of time or lack of motivation – precisely the kinds of challenges a professional coach can help you overcome.”


Having seen her innate ability to instantly elevate your feeling of self-worth first-hand by her warm-hearted words and actions paired with her continued and constant generosity; I am proud to call her a dear friend of mine and I look forward to working in conjunction with her as the ultimate duo in the personification of inward and outward Beauty for her clients’ utmost potential of confidence and happiness. 

As I always say, “When you LOOK good, you FEEL good!” but “more than appearance, it’s about the attitude underneath.”

This is why Susan and I make a great team – with her motivating encouragement, and a little lesson in Vanity 101  ;)


For a full list of services and additional information – including testimonials on Susan and her work, visit her website http://www.susankorwin.com/ and look for plenty more to come from us in the near future!


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