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 An Insight on Our Vision…

Like all introductory courses, you must come to know the basics about the subject in question. But, when the subject is YOU – realizing your own beauty, even the basics, may seem unattainable if you have not been taught how or where to begin.

Well, for starters…


“I read not long ago that to be vain is to have too high an opinion of one’s looks.” “But later the definition came back to mind, and the more I thought about it the more it seemed to me that it contained an important error. 

We know that vanity is foolish and therefore, according to this definition, if we are to avoid vanity we must have an accurate opinion of our appearance. 

 But do we take the world’s opinion of how we look and
assume it is the truth?


“You must be realistic about many things in life … But no matter what others think, you must be convinced that, in your way, you are beautiful. What this amounts to is that in order to be BEAUTIFUL, a woman must be VAIN.”             


 -excerpts from Women & Beauty
by Sophia Loren 




Let Vanity 101 give you OUR Introductory course – in helping YOU to Look and Feel your Best and Most Beautiful!

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